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List of topics/notes that are in the works:

  • Why should you get a corporate-branded PowerPoint template?
    • Branding
    • Efficiency 
    • Consistency
  • How to install a PowerPoint Template as your default template?
    • install blank.potx
    • Manually open a tempalte
    • Office 365 solution
    • IT pushes the template
  • Why you should not embed a custom font in your PowerPoint Template?
    • Yes, it is doable! Some even prefer it – but it comes with a headache
    • Issues (Size, Large presentations >100 slides)
    • Recommendation (Select a Microsoft standard font that is preinstalled on PC and Mac
  • What different types of PowerPoint templates exist?
    • What will you use your PowerPoints for? Different templates for different purposes
      • Flip decks – 
      • Keynote presentation
      • Sales deck
      • Report / Consulting delivery deck

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PowerPoint professional and PowerPoint template designer. Extensive experience in using, designing, and crafting PowerPoint presentations and templates. 20+ years of experience working as a Management Consultant, Insight consultant, Sales & Client executive, and PowerPoint template Designer.

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