We create great PowerPoint templates

We create great PowerPoint templates

We create PowerPoint templates that will help your organization to create better-looking presentations faster

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How are we different?

We create templates that support your business and reduces your time creating and editing your presentations.

Our background is within management consulting and B2B sales and we have created thousands of killer slides presented in sales meetings, to executives, in workshops with the same objective in all situations – to get the message across.

Our experience is that most of the time 10-15 slide layouts is enough to speed up the work, create consistency, and focus on content instead of layout. We remove the non-value-adding work when creating PowerPoints.

Our experience provides us with the perfect skillset to create templates that makes you shine.

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How are we different?


We design templates based on the slides you use in your day-to-day business. Regardless if you work in sales, consulting, marketing or finance a template should support your company's way of working


PowerPoint is great in many ways! But also a bit tricky and inconsistent when it comes to PC and Mac. In many cases you don't know if the recipient is on PC or Mac. We create templates that works on both PC and Mac.


When we create PowerPoint templates we start from your company's graphical profile and we create great looking templates that fits perfect with your corporate branding.

We have worked with some of the greatest brands on earth!

Tired of PowerPoint anarchy?

Tired of PowerPoint anarchy?

We believe that PowerPoint is a great tool for presentations and that creating presentations should be fast and easy.

Your business and the way you work with PowerPoint are where we start when developing a new template.

The result is a user-friendly PPT template with 10-15 customized slide layout templates that are the most used slide layouts in your company.

The new PowerPoint template enables you to quickly create presentations and let you focus on content instead of slide design…and you can use the time you save to take a well-deserved walk with a lovely coffee instead!

How are we different?

We do the work...Sit back and relax

We develop and deliver corporate PowerPoint templates using our proven delivery methodology. We start by understanding how you use PowerPoint and your business’ needs. We use your company’s graphic profile to ensure great branding. Naturally, our process include feedback and adjustments before delivery.

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